LIBRA (Luigi buIld Reusable Automation)


  • No existing C/C++/CUDA build system supported automatic file discovery like make via globs.

  • No existing C/C++/CUDA build system provided 100% reusability across projects (assuming some conventions for file naming, directory layout, etc.). I found myself frequently copying and pasting CmakeLists.txt (or whatever the tool’s configuration was) between projects, as I added and when I find a new flag I want to add, or a new static analysis checker, etc., I would have to go and add it to EVERY project.

  • No existing C/C++/CUDA build systems supported doing things like running one or more static analyzers on a repository, formatting the repository, building and running tests, etc. Using make check, make format, or make tests, or other simple cmdline syntax.

This documentation has two parts:

Projects using LIBRA (in descending probability of interest)